SHYCOCAN - Virus Attenuation Device: Home & Kitchen
Introducing SHYCOCAN, a breakthrough innovation against coronavirus in enclosed spaces

SHYCOCAN is a breakthrough innovation now available to defend against coronavirus within enclosed spaces. The device, launched by BV Consulting, is designed to disarm, disable and protect against COVID-19, providing real-time protection in buildings.

It works by releasing safe, negatively charged electrons which neutralise the spike (S) proteins on the virus, so that they cannot attach to human cells. Powered by Scalene Hypercharge Corona Cannon (SHYCOCAN™), the emanated electron cloud actively ‘disarms’ and disables air and surface transmission. The product has been tested and proven to be effective against 99.9%[i] of the Corona family of viruses. It does not kill the virus; but works to stop it attaching and infecting a host cell in enclosed spaces.

SHYCOCAN is Marketed and Distributed in Nigeria by Nestar Corporate Services Limited.

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