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Nestar Corp is a Commercial Financial Business Consulting Firm providing business consulting services in:  Commercial Mortgage, Mergers and Acquisitions, Commercial Loan Consulting, Hospitality - Hotel and Luxury Resort, and Health Care - Retirement Homes & Nursing Facilities.
Nestar provides its clients with professional and reliable financial business consulting services.  We advice and prepare our clients with the best research and business solutions to acquire their financial objectives and business model. Nestar Corp is a direct conduate with the lenders it is affiliated with.

Nestar Corp is not a Mortgage Brokerage. We do not originate any  loans or mortgages.  Nestar Corp matches lenders and clients and provide clients with the tools they need to get successful financial results.




finding funds

July 18, 2012

Our research has shown that most small business owners lack the knowledge base resources to aquire new operating capital and expansion loans, simply because running businesses consumes most of ones time the last thing on someones mind is chasing  funds only to run into a road block. Thats why companies like Nestar Corp are essential to small business development.